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07janv 2019

English translator recruitment at the IOC


Madrid - The International Olive Council has initiated the procedures for the recruitment of an English translator. The incumbent will be responsible for the following main duties and responsibilities:

• Translation of a range of general, administrative, economic, scientific, technical and other texts into English, ensuring that translations are equivalent in meaning and style to the original texts

• Stylistic and grammatical editing of texts written by non-native speakers

• Proofing

• Drafting

• Assistance with all aspects of the management of outsourced translation services (currently Arabic, Italian and Spanish)

• Research into points of terminology, language and subject matter to assist with the development of the translation memory software dictionaries

• Performance of any other duties normally carried out by a translator in an international organisation. Application must be submitted by December 17, 2018. For further information see the vacancies section on this site or go to: